bEveryone benefits from a home security system. However, if there’s one segment of society that benefits from such, it would be the elderly or senior citizens. Why is that? Well, the elderly spend most of their time at home, and you know how the bad elements of society operate. As soon as they know that a particular house is occupied merely by senior citizens who are seemingly helpless, they get excited because they’ve zeroed in on the perfect target. Hence, a home security is mostly helpful for the home of seniors as it can provide security.

However, the security system specially made for seniors address their special needs and concern, more so if the elderly have mobility issues or trouble remembering long series of codes. Some alarm systems are integrated with medical alert and can be worn as bracelet or necklace so that when an emergency strikes, the elderly can easily activate the system with a touch of a button.

Here are some of the advantages of such systems:

  • To prevent unwarranted breaking and entering in a senior’s home and protect the safety of his resident.
  • Prevent loss of assets. When a security alarm goes off, an intruder who’s trying to break into a senior’s home scrams and runs as fast as he could. Hence, the risk of physical harm or loss of assets is reduced or eliminated.
  • It’s been discovered that insurance companies offer up to 20% discount on insurance rates to elderly homeowners who have a working security system at home. Apparently, the discount is given since there’s fewer risk of burglary and fire in secure homes.
  • Such security systems can be integrated with a medical alert, which is particularly useful when a senior is faced with a life-threatening situation. With a push of a button, an alert is sent out to an emergency medical team who will be dispatched quickly to administer help. With a medical alert system’s cost-effective safety plans, the adult children of elderly parents can rest assured that the welfare of their parents is taken care of.
  • A home security system instantly alerts authorities when someone tries to break into the senior’s home. When the alarm goes off, an alert is sent directly to the police station so they can get to the house in no time.

Indeed, there are numerous benefits to having a home security system. With a good system, elderly parents would be more confident living on their own while their kids will have peace of mind that their parents are safe and out of harm’s way.